1928 500cc PANTHER

This Panther was first registered with the number G75C in 1928 in the small town of Gwelo in Rhodesia.
It was purchased by a friend of mine in the early sixties as a non-runner. He sold it in the seventies, when it was completely stripped for restoration, but no work was done. Of course, in this state, several parts went missing. In the late seventies my friend bought the bike back, and brought it with him to Australia in 1980. It lay in pieces for the next twenty years, and came into my possession at the beginning of this year.
Restoration was started immediately, and its first run was the Girder Fork Rally a few weeks ago. Although it's not 100% original at present, I'm sure it will be soon! It will certainly be out on the road as much as possible.
I find it very satisfying that after forty years of hibernation, the big cat growls once again!