Girder Fork Tour - 2014.

Monday 24 November - Thursday 27 November 2014

photos and story by Bailey Rowe route director and organiser Graham Ward

The girder fork tour is an annual event where a group of riders tour the back roads of Southern Queensland on girder fork motorcycles. Attendance numbers are limited by accommodation availability and the equipment carrying capacity of the backup vehicle. Basic rules are: girder fork machines only (must be roadworthy and registered); luggage is restricted to one medium size overnight bag per person; a vehicle carries the baggage and tows a backup trailer. If a machine breaks down the 5 minute rule applies - if it can be fixed and is mobile again in less than 5 minutes all is OK otherwise the rider loads the machine onto the trailer and it is repaired that night or at the next rest stop. All machines will have normal maintenance of plugs, points, tappets, chains and tyres pressures carried out prior to the tour.

This year the tour is a hub type where accommodation is in one location and the local area is toured each day. Day 1 South Maclean - Glen Eagle - Peak Crossing - Rosewood - Ma Ma Creek - Greenmount - Clifton

Map - Day 1

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Day 2 Clifton - Yangan - Killarney - Queen Mary Falls - Cheerabah - Warwick-Clifton

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