Ariel Owners Rally 2006 - Bribie Island

On Saturday 14th of October 2006 the Ariel Owners arrived at Bribie Island for the annual 2 day Ariel Rally.
Bribie Island is located 70 km north of Brisbane. Separated from the mainland by Pumicestone Passage, the island is 34 km long and up to 8 km wide. It sits at the north-western edge of Moreton Bay and the population is around 15,000. Bribie is the only offshore island in Queensland to be joined to the mainland by bridge. Much of the island is national park, so it offers unspoiled bushland, plenty of sandy white beaches and ideal opportunities for bushwalks, picnics, boating, camping, fishing, swimming and birdwatching.

The folowing photos are a sample of some of the rally highhlights.