1930 PANTHER 500cc Model 50

This magnificent example of the Panther mark belongs to Steve of the Ipswich Area. The photos were digitally taken on the Centurion Rally and they seemed to look like cover material. So I am as excited as you are to see if it turned out well.

1930 Panther

Steve purchased this machine in the state it is in now and has had it for 4 years. It has been a lucky purchase as Steve has not had to spend a lot on it.

Rebalancing the engine may be a requirement so if anyone knows anything about that then Steve would like to know.   Panthers have always been known as a long stroke engine but this one has a bore of 84mm and a stroke of 90mm. A lot of other 500cc singles have 96mm stroke.

1930 Panther RH

Steve had to source a Smiths Speedometer for the bike, one that is similar to the PA type to mount into the tank. It looks like a long stroke engine but it is not really. Note the hand change on the tank linked back to the Sturmey Archer 3 speed box.
You can see this machine at most girder fork runs, excepting the last one at Harrisville as Steve was one of the organisers and decided to let other attendees enjoy their event. On this occasion he led the bikes around to the marshalling points.